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Student Experiences and Journeys at Nancy Campbell

Here at Nancy Campbell, the focus is broader with free time for going to the gym for exercise and health. You can balance your time, use it in your own way without missing your studies. Here you make friendships from all over the world; people are very friendly at Nancy Campbell. An important point to me is we have a lot of activities, such as Wildfire, service trips, Coffee house, and Showcase. You continually learn a lot of useful knowledge while enjoying these activities.  I’m very much enjoying my life here.

— Sonny, China

Nancy Campbell changed my life. I am sure I could never find a better education or environment anywhere. My favorite thing about NCA is the opportunity to share your creative side.  Attending this school is a great opportunity to make friends. At NCA you also find teachers who care about your academic life and your future. Nancy Campbell has become my second home and it makes me sad to think that one day I have to move on and leave.

— Livia, Brazil

Nancy Campbell has motivated me to become an active member of society, to strive for a future where I can use my qualities to serve humanity. NCA has; made me a happier person; I can forgive, be grateful for hardships and see things from multiple perspectives. I have learned more about the great aspects of the Baha’i Faith, and I’ve learned to love all people no matter what the circumstances may be.

— Penelope, USA

Unlike other high schools, Nancy Campbell is a truly safe environment where students are given the opportunity to be themselves, create and have fun. Nancy Campbell has helped transform my view of the world and allowed me to see the big picture through experiences such as service trips, as well as engaging classes like world cultures and citizenship. This is a school for people who want to expand their view of the world. It’s also a place for people to change it.

— Dorian, Kenya

I’ve been here for only one year, but this has been all the time I needed to change myself and improve certain things. This school has helped me to be more positive and live a life of service to others. I never really understood the path of service until I came here. It’s a school full of love and kindness and I hope every child can be able to have this amazing experience.

— Alanna, Guyana

Ive become more of an active participant in my community through encouragement from my peers and teachers.The idea of senior students not talking to or being friends with freshmen is just not a reality at NCA. I’ve learned how to treat people with more kindness and respect and how to be of service to those around me. My classmates and I being given the opportunity to go abroad and bring awareness to social justice issues through the arts as well as promoting the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program.

— Emily, Canada

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We believe every student has the right to be one of tomorrow’s leaders. Nancy Campbell Academy students are critical thinkers and moral leaders who will make a positive change in the world.

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Nancy Campbell Academy is dedicated to providing a superior education by creating happiness through community service and academic excellence.

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Nancy Campbell Academy provides Ontario ministry-certified education for grades 7-12 at our Stratford campus.

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