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What Makes Nancy Campbell’s Residence So Unique?

What’s unique about our dormitories?

  • Each dormitory has its own separate lounge and kitchen area to make tea or bake cookies. The Common room (for both dorms) is the heart of many after school activities. Mr. Lappai engages students in a range of things from chess clubs to new languages, to music jam nights and board games. See Extracurricular and Clubs, as well as our Photo Gallery, for other great nights in rez.
  • Each student has a private room with a desk, bed, dresser, sink, closet, and mini fridge for personal snacks.
  • Our residential advisors’ RA’s are amazing! Miss Janet has been taking care of the boys like her own children for the past 15 years. Oonagh’s smile and kind manner warm any girl’s heart.
  • Three hot meals a day are served at school with snacks at the rez on school nights. Weekends things switch up with a large brunch and dinner at the dormitories (just like at home). Special dietary accommodations can be requested.
  • Students walk or take the bus just outside the door using a city bus pass. The residence is located in a scenic area filled with walking trails that meander by Shakespeare’s garden along the Avon River.

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We believe every student has the potential to be one of tomorrow’s leaders. Nancy Campbell Academy students are critical thinkers and moral leaders who will make a positive change in the world.

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Nancy Campbell Academy is dedicated to providing a superior education by creating happiness through community service and academic excellence.

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Nancy Campbell Academy provides Ontario ministry-certified education for grades 9-12 at our Stratford campus.

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